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This website is about an Erasmus + project, etc.

Here you will find:

  • Myths about cepheus.
  • Image map of my constellation (Cepheus).
  • Spectra about Cepheus (links to my results compared to professional astronomers found in scientific literature).
  • Explanations of the different objects in the sky that appear.
  • Calculations of the areas of the spectra and their different peaks with their corresponding element.
  • Calculations of the distance, period and magnitude of supernovae and cepheids.
  • Pictures to complete the explanations.
  • Graphics made by me to obtain formulas.
  • Images made with a telescope.
  • Materials and programs that I have used.
  • Comparison of R program with excel.
  • Information about the cosmic ladder.
  • Calculations of the radius of an exoplanet.
  • Conclusions (things I have discovered and learned from doing this project).
  • List of websites and references that I have used to search and find information

One of the fundamental objectives of this project is to compare the results obtained with those of other scientists. Put the scientific method into practice.